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Hello, my name is Samara Pope and I work with Business Executives and International Expats who want to achieve the best in their personal lives and careers through self-development using the latest advancements in the field of Human Behavior and the Psychology of Personal Excellence. We (the client an I together) help the client to achieve Personal Success with a two fold approach. On one hand we select and use various Psychological Therapy Techniques specifically tailored to help clients deal with their unique personal challenges that may be holding them back from achieving their goals, ambitions and the life of their dreams. Simultaneously we explore the new and exciting areas of Positive Psychology, Executive Excellence and Success Coaching to help them use the latest discoveries in Human Excellence to their full advantage to be the best that they can be. 

A Mind Upgrade


You dont need brain implants to mentally and emotionally upgrade your self in an increasingly competitive world. Neuroplasticity allows you to grow new neuro-connections in thought, behavior and emotions that can completely reboot your personality and personal abilities. The key is in the techniques used to help you acheive specifically what you want and at the pace and speed that you want to progress at. 

Executive Psychology


Executive Psychology is a new and very specific area of psychology that differs from traditional and mainstream therapy models by helping clients in fostering human excellence and positive achievement rather than primarily focusing on diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders. Although Business Executives are after all humans like everyone else and share most of humanity's challenges, they are also separated from other social groups by the unique behavioral environment that they operate in and the subsequent behavioral challenges that they face in the corporate world whether they are leaders, middle managers or subordinates. Their situational realities are so starkly different from others that Executives often find that they cannot discuss work related issues even with their spouses if their spouses dont have an understanding and experience of the corporate world.

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