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Executives often find that they cannot discuss work related issues even with their spouses if they dont have an understanding and experience of the corporate world. 15 years ago, I was one such Executive trying to find answers to obviously human behavior issues that were causing obstacles in my career goals. The obvious solution to me was to consult with human behavior experts, however, when I approached a team of highly qualified psychologists, I was met with blank stares or haughty dismissals. Realising at that time that traditional psychologists knew almost nothing about the unique psyhology and behavior of Executives in the workplace, I went on my own quest of education and research. This was 2002 in Dubai and the time of the global birth pangs of Executive Psychology in the form of Executive Coaches and Mentors. I started working with a team of Psychology Professionals including Counsellors, NLP Practitioners and Psychologists to start the Sales Psychology Training Programs for my own sales team from 2005 to 2007 in Dubai and then in London, which expanded into Executive Psychology as more business leaders got interested and involved in replacing standard training sessions with Psychology based programs for their staff. 
Psychological Persuasion Applied to Sales
Make your sales proposals irresistible by discovering the fascinating secrets of psychological persuasion used by psychologists and behaviour therapists to influence their clients and how this can be applied to sales. Whether in face to face meetings, tele-sales, or high level negotiations, this exclusive knowledge is the ultimate key to sales success. The persuasion strategies used by psychologists applied to sales.

Be the Master of your Sales Game


Sales Psychology in my work is about knowing your client's mind better than they know themselves. It is about having complete psychological knowledge of your unique sales situation and the ability to predict every possible sales challenge and obstacle. Knowledge is power and the knowledge of sales psychology gives you the power to direct your sales situations as you would like to get the results that you want, rather than running after clients and chasing sales. The ultimate goal is to be so persuasive that clients and sales come to you.

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